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   Until 2014, only one movie adaptation of The Dollanganger Series existed: the 1987 film Flowers in the Attic starring Victoria Tennant, Louise Fletcher, Kristy Swanson, and Jeb Stuart Adams. In 2014, the Lifetime network announced the release of four film adaptations of the first four novels in the series.

   There has always been much debate on film adaptations. Die-hard fans of novels tend to want the film to remain completely true to the novel. However, film and novels do not adapt the same way. There are events in a novel that cannot translate to film. For this reason, I'm pretty easy when it comes to film adaptations.

   I love the 1987 film adaptation, and I also love the 2014-2015 adaptations. I felt they brought many interesting elements to the screen and told the story in a compassionate and dramatic way.

   In addition to these film adaptations of The Dollanganger Series, there has also been film adaptations of The Casteel Series, as well as a film adaptation of the novel Rain from the Hudson series and a film adaptation of My Sweet Audrina. Also, there have been talks of making the Landry series into a mini-series or a full television series.

   For more information on all of the films, follow the links below: