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   It started with an attic prison, traveled in time, shivered in a mountain shack, visited a hotel by the sea, braved the bayou, and made it's way through many other places.

   The words of VC Andrews has stepped into human hearts and revealed evil as well as love. As much as it horrifies us, it intrigues us. These books have become more than mere words on paper, they live inside. And you never forget the people you meet there...

01. The Dollanganger Series

Flowers, Petals, Thorns, Seeds, Garden

02. The Adare Novel

My Sweet Audrina

03. The Casteel Series

Heaven, Angel, Hearts, Paradise, Dreams

04. The Cutler Series

Dawn, Morning, Twilight, Midnight, Hour

05. The Landry Series

Ruby, Pearl, Glitters, Jewel, Tarnished

06. The Logan Series

Melody, Song, Symphony, Music, Olivia

07. The Orphans Miniseries

Butterfly, Crystal, Brooke, Raven, Runaways

08. The Wildflowers Miniseries

Misty, Star, Jade, Cat, Into the Garden

09. The Hudson Series

Rain, Lightning, Storm, Rainbow

10. The Shooting Stars Miniseries

Cinnamon, Ice, Rose, Honey, Stars

11. The De Beers Series

Seed, Willow, Forest, Roots, Woods, Leaves

12. The Broken Wings Series

Broken Wings, Midnight Flight

13. The Gemini Series

Celeste, Black Cat, Darkness

14. The Shadows Series

April Shadows, Girl in the Shadows

15. The Early Spring Series

Broken Flower, Scattered Leaves

16. The Secrets Series

Secrets in the Attic, Secrets in the Shadows

17. The Delia Series

Crossing, Heart, Gift

18. The Heavenstone Series

Heavenstone Secrets, Secret Whispers

19. The Kindred Series

Daughter of Darkness, Daughter of Light

20. The March Series

Storms, Cloudburst

21. The "Taylor" Novel

Into The Darkness

22. The "Grace" Novel

Capturing Angels

23. The Forbidden Series

Sister, Heart, Story

24. The "Edwards" Novel

Unwelcomed Child

25. The Diary Series

Foxworth, Dollanganger, Brother

26. The "Cummings" Novel

Bittersweet Dream

27. The Sage Novel

Sage's Eyes