i think of us as paper flowers

We lived in the attic...

"It is so appropriate to color hope yellow, like that sun we seldom saw. And as I begin to copy from the old memorandum journals that I kept for so long, a title comes as if inspired. Open the Window and Stand in the Sunshine. Yet, I hesitate to name our story that. For I think of us more as flowers in the attic. Paper flowers. Born so brightly colored, and fading duller through all those long, grim, dreary, nightmarish days when we were held prisoners of hope, and kept captives by greed. But, we were never to color even one of our paper blossoms yellow."

~ Catherine
Flowers in the Attic
VC Andrews

   When I first discovered VC Andrews, I was a young girl, about fifth grade. I had rented a movie from the local video store. And I loved this movie. I rented it all the time. And I watched it whenever it came on television.

   Then I noticed something in the opening credits: Based on the novel by V.C. Andrews. It's a book too!

   And from the first time I rented it, I thought the title sounded familiar. I looked on the bookshelf in the living room and realized that my mother had this book. So I picked it up and from the first page I was hooked, I couldn't put it down. My weekends would just consist of me on my bed reading. I read so much that my fingers would fall asleep from holding up the books for so long.

   Flowers in the Attic started a lust for reading in me that has held strong to this very day. The entire Dollanganger series was captivating. And it introduced me to all of her books, and for that I am eternally grateful. So I created this website to honor the late VC Andrews, and to share her powerful stories with anyone who may pass through.

♥ Kristina, a fan


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