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January 11, 2018

2018 … Here We Are

Well we have entered a new year, and hopefully it will be a good one. I am still fanlisting my little heart out. I simply adore the excuse of creating new layouts for topics I adore. My count has jumped up to 415 and total member count of 1430. My fanlistings are still running small member counts, but that is not my focus. I choose topics that are not taken (really popular ones have long since been taken) and that I truly love. Since I love many shows, movies, books, characters, etc. I have many fanlistings. And although these are dear to me, they may not be dear to most. And again, this is not my focus, but rather the love of the topic itself…

And wow… the last time I posted anything here was almost a year ago! Time flies! And a lot has changed for me personally. But not the fanlisting. I still looooove that to bits. So I will continue on… Came back to it in August 2015 and still going strong!

I also want to believe that I will post regularly here and expand my topic base from fanlistings to other areas of interest. But I don’t think I’d like to discuss much else in such a public way any longer. I used to, almost two decades ago! It’s funny to think of how I have come so far in not only webstuffs, but also in personal growth. I guess I can be proud of me on that.

So Hello 2018, glad to meet you and all you will give me this year!

♥ kristina @ 2:12 pm

February 5, 2017

800 Fans

There are some fanlistings out there that will hit 100s of fans… I do not have one of those fanlistings… Such as the ever popular Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, etc. etc.

I think the most members in any one of my fanlistings is from my DuckTales fl with a current count of 14 fans. Most of my listings have 5 or 6 or even 1 or 2.

But I came late on some of these, where super popular ones have already been taken, but I do love the ones I have, despite the member count. I own over 200 listings and now, the combined number of fans listed across my listings just hit 800! So there are those who are interested in the same things. I tend to love many topics, some topics more obscure than others, but the love is still there. So I go on, applying, finishing and loving.

♥ kristina @ 8:46 pm

February 2, 2017

One, Two, Done

Proud to say, I have finished my fanlisting collective’s (The Fantom) new layout, and it is up and functioning. Yay! I enjoyed making it! I used images that featured Hello Kitty in many different fandoms… Love. Love. Love.

♥ kristina @ 3:17 am

February 1, 2017

New Layout

After many years with the Hello Kitty layout for The Fantom, I have decided to come up with a new one… Still featuring Hello Kitty, because I love her dearly, of course!

I’m rather excited about it. I was thinking about it throughout the day, having toyed with the idea of taking the “Doctor Who” layout from my main domain and using it for The Fantom, as it is fan-based in nature… But decided to keep with the Hello Kitty theme, as she is the very beginning of any fandom I have ever had.

See, I tend to come up with new projects so that maybe, just maybe, I can forget that I am waiting…

♥ kristina @ 2:20 am

January 30, 2017

Fanlisting Addict

I first discovered fanlistings in 2003 and loved the concept of them and the possibility of creating different layouts for different things I loved! So I tend to apply for the maximum-bulk-amount at a time, and scurry away to make my layouts, waiting patiently, and impatiently for an approval email…

This is what I am doing right now… waiting.

In the meantime, I try to catch up on other web things to distract myself from the waiting… like work on updating sites, or maybe catching up on the several shows I love to watch. Right now I am working on a couple tasks, updating my Home Movies fansite with screencaps and adding that ever popular size of 75×50 pixels to my fanlisting codes, where they are lacking.

When I first began making fanlistings I covered the then popular sizes plus more I liked, now there’s a new popular one. At first, I didn’t want to, but I see many fanlisting members like them… so I caved.

Hopefully, I won’t be waiting that much longer…

♥ kristina @ 9:16 pm

January 28, 2017

Work of the Moment

I’m currently working on adding screenshots to my Home Movies fanlisting/fansite. And this is proving to be taking… a… lifetime!!! I’ve decided to undertake the process of collecting many many many screenshots and then editing them into a final image of four per pop-up. So, this is at least 25 pop-ups, 100 screenshots total, but I’ve managed to take about 200 in the last episode… So I have much skimming to do!

Good luck to me…

But on the bright side… I do get to watch the episodes again and I find myself laughing, which is much needed in life right now…

♥ kristina @ 11:23 pm