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May 5, 2016

Beginnings and Endings

And will I tell you that these three lived happily ever after? I will not, for no one ever does. But there was happiness. And they did live.
Stephen King, The Dark Tower

When I first decided to read The Gunslinger (and eventually the entire Dark Tower series), it was only after I exhausted the supply of Stephen King novels at my local library. That summer, after the end of my first marriage, I sought refuge in books, and I read a good amount of Stephen King that summer. This book had been sitting on my sister’s bookshelf and I decided I’d pick it up. I hadn’t wanted to read it, because it didn’t seem like something I would enjoy. Silly me. I always enjoy Mr. King!

The Dark Tower series would become not only my favorite Stephen King set of books, but my favorite books ever. I would give my oldest son the middle name of Roland and I would tattoo symbols from the book at my wrists. I maintain a fansite and I continue to read Stephen King. This would be the first of my true obsessive fandoms.

This would also mark when I first began to truly “blog”. At the time, I called it a journal. Nowadways, it’s called a blog. I kept it up regularly, poured my heart out to faceless, nameless, masses, maybe, I didn’t keep a count of who actually visited or commented. I also held nothing back. At the time, it was my only hope, my only venting mechanism. Now I’m a bit older, some 16 years older, have a second marriage under my belt, widowed, and am a single mother once again.

I love to read, write, watch television and movies. I can honestly say I am heavily into my books/shows/movies and consider myself a fangirl, thoroughly invested emotionally with each character I encounter. I have been known to freak out over deaths and apparent deaths in front of others who do not understand! I can relate to memes and pins on the subject and make no apologies for my behavior. 😉 You have been warned.

For me, this blog is an expression of who I am, what I’m thinking and feeling at any given moment, and a place to share my adventures and misadventures. I’m sure to have both. Thank you for reading… and putting up with me.

♥ kristina @ 3:05 am