When I was young I loved to read. My mother would check out books from the library and we would read often. As I grew older, I developed my own tastes in reading and can trace my current obsession to one author: VC Andrews. Her stories captivated me, it started with The Dollanganger Series (Flowers in the Attic) and I read beyond her living works to the ghostwriter's through The Hudson Series. I plan to read the ghostwriter's Diary series, as it pertains to the Dollanganger series. I have a fansite/fanlisting devoted to Ms. Andrews called in the attic, where I have much information about her, her books, my opinions, and other details.

After VC Andrews, the next author I absolutely loved is Stephen King. He does great work with plot and character development. I absolutely love the tales he tells and the people I get to meet. My favorite stories he has told have been of Roland Deschain of Gilead, of the Dark Tower series. My oldest son's middle name is Roland due to this series and I have ink based on the books, and plan for more. You can also visit my fansite (time is a face on the water) devoted to The Dark Tower.

Reading has been a great escape for me, and a way to travel to any corner of the world and imagination. I am eternally grateful for the reading experience and will never give it up.


From a young age I always enjoyed writing. I loved the promise of creating a whole new world where anything I could possibly want would happen. As I grew older, there was less opportunity to write. I kept a blog, and I found a few online writing clubs once upon a time and wrote monthly projects. Those clubs faded away, and I have come back to blogging. I just started and hope it will keep me in good writing practice.

I also love to write poetry and I dabbled in fanfiction and was a part of a few online writing VC Andrews roleplay clubs where you assume the identity of her characters. I wonder if those still exist... That sounds fun all of a sudden!


My first favorite television show was The X-Files and since then I have become aware of seasons, season premiers, season finales, series finales, etc. I currently watch many television shows and during their breaks, after heartwrenching and cliffhanging season finales, I catch up on other shows and become fans of them as well.

My favorite characters are: Sam & Dean Winchester, & Castiel from Supernatural; Fox Mulder & Dana Scully from The X-Files; Audrey Parker, Nathan Wuornos & Duke Crocker from Haven; Detective Bobby Goren from Law & Order : Criminal Intent; Buffy, Angel, Spike, Willow, Xander & Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Leslie Knope, Ron Swanson & Tom Haverford from Parks & Recreation.

Television is simply fun, intriguing, exciting, and moving. I love to see the character development and the plot growth. The way the plot twists and weaves is so amazing to me, I can't get enough.


My late husband and I used to see a movie every weekend. It was our thing to do, and we saw a lot of them. I save ticket stubs and keep them in a jar decorated with ribbon and themed scrapbook paper. Now I carry on this tradition with my children.

I do not have a favorite genre, but I have plenty of favorite movies. I love action, drama, thriller, horror, suspense, mystery, comedy, MARVEL, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and many others.