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rhyme & reason

The name ravenbeauty comes from my beginnings on the web in 1999, when I joined a VC Andrews fan club and roleplay. Many main characters were already taken, so I chose Raven Flores of the Orphans miniseries, because I thought she was a strong character and true to life. I also identified with her in many ways. My identity was Raven in this club and I chose to use this as my identity in my first website which was a VC Andrews fansite. is my place to create, imagine, escape, and vent, it incorporates all I do and love... I've created fansites, fanlistings, cliques and webrings. Currently the majority of my sites are fanlistings with two large fansites.

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Graphics & layout design is something I truly enjoy and there has been many many many layouts, mostly for my personal website, not the domain itself. The domain until now, has been more of a holder for my personal and fandom projects I undertake.

I once kept a blog, where I stuffed all of my feelings, bad experiences, good times, hopes, dreams, and rants. I chose to give false names to everyone in the blog, including myself.

I have decided to begin a new blog, with personal, professional, and random commentary. That experiment begins October 2015. Do enjoy!

If you'd like to view previous layouts, I keep my domain/personal layout gallery under my personal space.