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I'm Kristina :) And...

I'm a mother and I live my life to do things for my beautiful children. Family time is my favorite time.

I love books, I am always reading something. I love writing, I love music, I love movies, and I love television, I currently watch about 15 shows.

I've been creating websites since 1999, having grown from angelfire and geocities to my own domain. I was on a hiatus from 2005-2009, returned until 2014, and again returned in 2015. I love creating and finding new ways to express myself with current technologies. This is my personal space, where I am free to share what I love to do, read, listen, watch, and find adorable and cute.

More? To your right are links to more details about my likes, loves, cute pixels, and other such things I find adorable. :)

♥ kristina dee



paiute native, mother, sister, hello kitty fan, webmiss, loves to: read & write, in love with: music & movies & tv

my crush is jordan knight my favorite - hello kitty

property of... jordan knight