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Kristina - December 8

My life has been full of ups and downs. The downs have been pretty bad, but the ups have been extraordinary. Some things happened to me that I wouldn't wish on anyone, but I wouldn't want to live my life again in order to change it. I have accepted my life and am grateful for everyone one who has been in it.

My children...
They are the four most beautiful people in this world. Each of them possessing various strengths and talents. I am proud of all of them and am grateful for the days when I can stay at home and relax and just be with them.

Loralee - February 21

My first was born when I was 17, in high school, alone. She is an excellent student, bookworm, music lover, talented musician and writer. She is outspoken and witty. She goes out for a lot more than I ever did and I am proud of the young woman she is becoming.

Joshua - April 2

My first little boy was born seven years after my first child, and although in some ways this was difficult, for the most part it was beneficial. He is humorous, energetic, and intelligent. I have to work hard to get him to focus, but it is paying off with improved grades and attitude. He loves his friends, sports, video games (!) and some books, finally! He is so wonderful to be around.

Jeremy - November 18

My baby boy started out as a little terror! He was a free spirit who did not want to be reigned in! He has tons of energy and he is strong, both in the physical and emotional sense. He is caring, kind, considerate, and sweet. He is an excellent big brother who loves taking care of his little sis, and his big brother and sis too. He looks out for everyone. And although he is tough and wild, he will slow down to give hugs, kisses, and I love yous. I am so happy to see the balance within him.

Vivian - March 8

My little angel. She was an amazingly strong and mature baby girl. She has the sweetest smile and eyes. She is intelligent, caring, and respectful. She loves to be read to, she is loving school, and playing with friends. Sometimes her brothers make her crazy mad, but she mostly enjoys having constant playmates. She does need girl time too, and already has a best friend :)