♥   bookworm

I simply love to read! It's not only a passion, it's everything. It's my me time. It's my escape. It's my entertainment. It is me. (read some favorite and recent book commentaries)

The earliest memories I have of reading include Roald Dahl, Ellen Raskin, CS Lewis, and VC Andrews. My first favorite book was The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin, followed by The Witches by Roald Dahl. I also love The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis, and anything (up to The Hudson Series) by VC Andrews.

My love affair with reading began when I read Flowers in the Attic by VC Andrews. That book, that whole series opened up a world where I was touched and where I could visit whenever I wanted. Where I could escape and stay as long as I wanted. I fell in love with the characters and I felt for them in their happiness and sadness. and this is when I learned that books were so powerful. Ever since then I have been an enormous fan of VC Andrews and her stories. Take a look at my VC Andrews book list.

My favorite of her books is Flowers in the Attic. I have a fanlisting for the movie called A Garden in the Sky after a line from one of the books in the Dollanganger Series, as well as a fanlisting for VC Andrews herself called In The Attic. Her books are written in family series' for the most part, and have endured even in her death... due to the ghostwriter. Although, I haven't wanted to read some of the later ones, VC Andrews' spirit is dying out of them, I'm afraid. But that's okay, she left behind a great many that I will always love and cherish.

But I also read Stephen King... The first book I read was Carrie. And since then I have been playing catch-up, a goal to read every single book he's ever written. I keep a checklist. My favorite book of his wasn't just one, but a series. The Dark Tower series. When I heard that he was going to retire, I freaked out, because I knew from his numerous notes on the topic that he was not yet finished with the series, there were three books left, totalling seven in the entire series. But then I read an article in a magazine where he said he would be finishing the series. Huge sigh of relief.

And if you'd really like to know the extent of my passion for books and diving into them, read my words here. And you will either be shocked or you will be able to relate perfectly. It all depends on the extent of your book love.

And if you ever want to read a Stephen King book, you should know that he has a neat little theme running in some of his novels. They connect, either in plot or characters. And it's like a little private club. You only know the connection if you've read that book he is referring to in the book you're reading now. So you have to be well read in Stephen King. And he is worth it. I highly recommend getting into King. He is amazing. And read The Dark Tower series. Roland is the best character ever. He is brave and strong and intelligent, and he's a warrior, and he kicks ass! That is why my son's middle name is Roland.

And of course I read Dickens, Austen, Poe, Shakespeare, Rowling and others. I try to be well-rounded. I'm just really fanatical about Stephen King. And VC Andrews is where it all began. So there you have it. Reading rocks. Try it out. It'll fit.

The end.