♥   sister


Like all sisters there have been ups and downs... We fought like crazy when we were young, I mean biting and scratching fights! But we always played together, invented new games and loved watching movies and tv during the summer. We were close, even though we fought. When we got older, we were even closer and would talk to each other about the new things going on in our lives. The tough times, the exciting times, and the bad times.

She married her high school sweetheart and I hope it lasts forever. They went their separate ways after high school but found their way back to each other later on. I think they are a great match.

In the summer of 2007, a big crisis had come down on my family. My sister was there for my children and I. She lived with us for a year, and got massive training in motherhood, which she uses now as a new mommy.

She made a big difference in our lives, by doing that, and by being who she is. She loves her nieces and nephews and they love her :)

Nanette - July 6