♥   television

In recent years, I have become very passionate about television. I think I really started to love television when The X-Files premiered in 1993. And it was also then that I really started paying attention and following storylines, and loving the characters.

Currently I watch and am passionate about many television shows. But my favorites are Dr. Who, Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, American Horror Story, and The Walking Dead

In the lists below, I have listed the shows I watch faithfully, beginning to end, every single episode. I kid you not!

Currently Watching and Loving:

American Horror Story Bates Motel Bob's Burgers Criminal Minds Dr. Who Gotham Hannibal Once Upon a Time Supernatural Sleepy Hollow The Walking Dead

Past Loves:

Angel Arrested Development Absolutely Fabulous
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Crossing Jordan Californication
Dollhouse Degrassi Jr. High & Degrassi High Freaks & Geeks Fringe Firefly Home Movies Keeping Up Appearances Lost Law & Order Law & Order Criminal Intent
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Psych Ringer Torchwood Twin Peaks Tru Calling The X-Files