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{ the movies ~ flowers in the attic, 1987 }

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   In 1987 a movie version of VC Andrews' best selling book Flowers in the Attic was released. It starred Louise Fletcher, Victoria Tennant, Kristy Swanson, and Jeb Stuart Adams. VC Andrews, herself also has a cameo in a scene washing windows. Jeffrey Bloom directed.

   In whatever VC Andrews circle you travel you will hear a wide variety of opinions on this movie. Personally, I loved it. I am able to love it because I don't dare compare it to the book. If you try that with any movie-to-book experience, you will always come up short. There is no way. So I love it on it's own. It holds memories, as crazy as that may sound. But it does. It introduced me to VC Andrews' books in the first place. So I am forever grateful and happy for that.

   VC Andrews did approve of the script and she does appear, so I find that special. And if you just let yourself watch it and not compare it to the amazing book, you'll enjoy it. I do. So go watch it!

Louise Fletcher ... Grandmother
Victoria Tennant ... Mother
Kristy Swanson ... Cathy
Jeb Stuart Adams ... Chris
Ben Ryan Ganger ... Cory
Lindsay Parker ... Carrie
Marshall Colt ... Father
Nathan Davis ... Grandfather
Brooke Fries ... Flower Girl
Alex Koba ... John Hall
Leonard Mann ... Bart Winslow
Bruce Neckels ... Minister
Gus Peters ... Caretaker
Clare Peck ... Narrator
VC Andrews ... maid

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