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   In 2006, a film adaptation of VC Andrews' novel Rain, in the Hudson series, was released. It starred Brooklyn Sudano, Faye Dunaway, Giancarlo Esposito, and Robert Loggia. Craig DiBona directed.

   This film did a pretty good job depicting the events in the book. I remember feeling that there was a grandmother being depicted unlike others in previous works. This grandmother wanted her illegitimate grandchild to succeed and never give up. This was depicted in the film very well.

   Say what you will about book to film adaptation, if you simply appreciate a film on its own, instead of comparing it to the book, you will be much happier. This is what I do, simply because I know that books rarely translate to film well and the filmmakers use different elements to make the film both visually appealing and allow viewers to understand the storyline.

   With that said, I felt that the filmmakers chose a strong written work to draw a story from. The Hudson series dealt with new and modern issues, and that translated very well to film. And who can go wrong with Faye Dunaway? She's amazing!

Brooklyn Sudano ... Rain Arnold
Robert Loggia ... Jake Marvin
Faye Dunaway ... Isabel Hudson
Khandi Alexander ... Latishia Arnold
Giancarlo Esposito ... Ken Arnold
Bret Anthony ... Mr. Buford
Austin Chittim ... Peter Grant
Juli Erickson ... Merilyn
Katie Fountain ... Colleen Lewis
Lainie Frasier ... Mrs. Whitney
Ada Harden ... Charlene
Jerrika Hinton ... Beni Arnold
Grant James ... Doc Matzner
Dell Johnson ... Lt. Hardik

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