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   In 2016, a film adaptation of VC Andrews' novel My Sweet Audrina, was released. It starred India Eisley, Imogen Tear, Matthew Kevin Anderson, and Tess Atkins. Mike Rohl directed.

   It had been a while since I last read My Sweet Audrina, but the film did a great job visualizing the events and characters in the book I so fondly remember.

   Say what you will about book to film adaptation, if you simply appreciate a film on its own, instead of comparing it to the book, you will be much happier. This is what I do, simply because I know that books rarely translate to film well and the filmmakers use different elements to make the film both visually appealing and allow viewers to understand the storyline.

   With that said, I felt that this story was very delicate, with mature themes and best intentions, and the film translated this to the viewers very well. The story of Audrina is a very sad one, but in the end she learns her truth and learns to cope with it. I felt the film expressed this nicely and I loved it.

India Eisley ... Audrina Adare
Imogen Tear ... Audrina Adare (age 9)
Farryn Van Humbeck ... Audrina Adare (age 12)
Matthew Kevin Anderson ... Lamar
Tess Atkins ... Vera
Kacey Rohl ... Vera
Hannah Cheramy ... Vera (age 11)
Jennifer Copping ... Ellsbeth
William Moseley ... Arden Lowe
Cory Gruter-Andrew ... Arden Lowe (age 11)
Seth Isaac Johnson ... Arden Lowe (age 15)
Kirsten Robek ... Lucietta
James Tupper ... Damian Jonathan Adare

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