♥   why?


When I first started on the web it was as a member of a VC Andrews club and roleplay. It was so amazing to make that connection with other people with similar interests. And I was able to write creatively which is what I loved to do.

Then, for some reason, I got brave and I decided to give it a go with making a website... And you can see how that evolved through my layout caps. But I started out with a VC Andrews fan page because that is what I was interested in. It wasn't until I had done that for a while and surfed around a bit that I noticed people had personal pages too. But was I brave enough to do that? Having a fansite was one thing, but a personal page? Would I be that interesting?

Once I started I realized that it didn't matter if people visited or not, the process and creativity of putting up the site was enough. The outlet of writing a blog was enough. And I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. It opened up a door to another escape. And it combined so many things I love into one beautiful thing.

Being on the web and creating things is a part of who I am and always will be. It got me through very difficult times in my life. Just to create and write was a massive help for me. It gave me peace.

current sites listed @ ravenbeauty.net & the.fantom