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The Phases

There are many phases below with over 30 different layouts. I love creating graphics for new layouts, so there have been a lot of changes over the years. I tend to keep layouts longer if I really love the design and never tire of looking at it. Most of the changes come about due to a need to create and a need for a fresh face. Of course, this was when I had more time to do these changes. I am pressed for time much more these days, four kids now, and a full time job outside of the home on top of it. But I still love to create and I will update, but I will probably not change the layout as much...

Most of my layouts are inspired by song lyrics, as you may notice. You can read more about the current version and the past versions are indexed below:


Phase 1 : Dot Net 1 (simplicity)
Phase 2 : Dot Org 1 (pretty in blue)

Personal Site:

Phase 1 : Starting Out
Phase 2 : Growing...
Phase 3 : Vast Improvement
Phase 4 : Leaps and Bounds
Phase 5 : Dot Com 1 (roses & such)
Phase 6 : Dot Com 2 (songs & john rzeznik)
Phase 7 : Dot Com 3 (educated virgin)
Phase 8 : Dot Com 4 (virgin & february)
Phase 9 : Dot Com 5 (spike begins...)
Phase 10 : Post Dot Com 1 (stars & sadness)
Phase 11 : Post Dot Com 2 (spike returns...)
Phase 12 : Dot Net 1 (spike forever!)
Phase 13 : Dot Net 2 (kryptonite & questions)
Phase 14 : Dot Org 1 (my jordan)
Phase 15 : Dot Net Returns (just me)