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As you may have read, I first started online as a club/roleplay participant and officer. Then I decided I would try to make a website myself. My VC Andrews fansite In The Attic has gone through many changes, layout and content, over the years since I opened it in 1999. But the heart of it has always been love for VC Andrews and her stories.

I love creating fansites, because it is a way to continue on with the books I have read and loved, or whatever the topic may be, for now it is books. When I close a book I wish the story could go on, so in creating a website for it, it does.

I also love adopting, blogging, expressing, etc. So I created a personal site. At first it was a lot of blogging and poetry clubs. I once had several pictures of myself too, as well as a guestbook. I don't have a lot of that anymore. I still blog or journal, but not nearly as often, and I am debating about even doing that. I used to feel differently about blogging online, now I feel it too personal to do. But I still love pixels, expressing (when it comes to books, movies, and music), and photos (of my family).

And of course I love fanlistings! I have many, I used to have more. I am re-opening several, and I am loving it all.

current sites listed @ ravenbeauty.net & the.fantom