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My first site was a fansite, so I'm a big lover of them in general. And I chose two topics to create an extensive site for, VC Andrews and The Dark Tower series by Stephen King.

These sites took a long time to create. There is a lot of content in each site, including book reviews, information, galleries, graphics, etc. For me, a fansite has to be in depth, well cared for, the fans should like it there. So they take a lot of work. And I love the work, I love thinking of new content. And I love the process of creating the site.

But because of all the work involved in a fansite, I've only got two main ones, a couple mini ones (that are combined with fanlistings).

Which brings me to the phenomenon of Fanlistings. I don't remember how I discovered thefanlistings network, but when I did I had already been on the web creating sites for a few years, and when I applied, I was able to show some good html/graphics work. The first fanlisting I applied for and was approved for was for The Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Triangle, and the rest is (223 listings) history.

I did eventually have to close my listings, I had some personal issues to attend to, but I realized that the web is what I love. And just surfing the web, shopping, games, isn't enough for me. I love to create. I missed the html, graphics, codes, etc. So in February 2009, I returned to websites and fanlistings, after a four year absence.

I love fanlistings because they are a creative way to show your love for anything you are a fan of. And it's a way to create a fansite without too much hassle. You are able to show your love and create for that love, without it taking so much time.

My fanlisting collective site, the.fantom, currently houses my current owned, joined, and the 223 closed listings. For the closed listings I have screencaps to view of the old sites. Several have been re-opened and several more will follow. I missed fanlistings and I am glad to be back to my fandom :)

current sites listed @ ravenbeauty.net & the.fantom