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   The VC Andrews name includes over 50 titles in over ten family series'. VC Andrews wrote about the troubled families in a series, rather than in just one book. And in doing that, we were able to become closer to the characters and feel as though we were in the book with them. And that is my favorite thing about reading.

   Her first series, Dollanganger, consisted of five titles, as did her second, the Casteel series. But between the second and third books of the Dollanganger series she took a break and wrote her only stand-alone novel My Sweet Audrina. She came back to the Dollanganger family and completed their tale, and also started the third series about a family named Casteel. Unfortunately, VC Andrews died before the completion of the second series.

   Many people speculate as to how the next few series' were written. We are only given a vague idea by the VC Andrews family. They claim that VC Andrews left behind unpublished novels, ideas, and in depth storylines.

   The first few books published after her death have the same feel and talent as her previous, so I believe she did leave behind a few unpublished complete novels.

   But as time wears on, I am noticing her spirit getting lost. The Hudson series was the last series I read. And getting through that was a struggle. So I made a decision not to read any further. I will forever cherish the Dollangangers, the Casteels, the Adares, the Cutlers, the Landrys, the Logans, the Orphans, and the Wildflowers, maybe even the Hudsons... I have all of these books and I always go back to visit.