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   I have been a VC Andrews fan since I was in the fourth or fifth grade, 20 years, and I have loved all of her books. And I have re-read a great many of her books and enjoyed them as much as I did the first time around. But, quite honestly, it seems that the books lately have been lacking her voice and spirit.

   The last series I have read was the Hudson series. I started to read the Shooting Stars miniseries and I just couldn't keep turning the page. I can honestly say it wasn't because I had outgrown VC Andrews because I have gone back to Flowers and Heaven and Dawn and Ruby and Melody and The Orphans and The Wildflowers and Rain, and I still love their stories. Rain a little less than the others, but still I love their stories.

   In my opinion the writing is getting a little juvenile and the storylines are getting a little ridiculous. But I know there are fans out there who will disagree with me, that's okay. I still love VC Andrews, her original works are the best, but the early stories are the really well written and beautiful ones.

   You will notice that news and descriptions on the later series' are lacking, that is due to my lack of interest in them. I will still list their information, but the adoptable graphics and wallpapers only go up to a certain point, and this is the reason why.

   VC Andrews was an amazing talent who passed away before many of her ideas could be realized into print, but the earliest works are my favorite and will always remain special and perfect to me.