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   In 1999, I learned there was more to the web than online games and freebies. I discovered Clubs and Roleplays, namely, VC Andrews Clubs and Roleplays. It was here that I met a large community of devoted fans and saw a large number of fansites dedicated to my favorite author. She is a favorite of many...

   In the summer I got brave, and I started my very own fansite for VC Andrews. It was also my very first website ever. The name wasn't creative (Raven's VC Andrews Page) and the graphics were primitive, to say the least. But as the months went on, I improved and I expanded my content.

   In early 2000, I had just switched to a new freeserver... (crosswinds.net) And they crashed, and they crashed big. I lost everything. I hadn't backed up anything. All of my content and graphics went up in smoke... And I almost didn't put it up again...

   But I did. And this time, I decided to devote it to one series, The Dollanganger Series. I made this decision because the task of putting everything back up was too much. And this time, I learned my lesson and saved everything!

   This site is a fansite, first and foremost. I've had it for over 15 years now. I've changed the layout and content several times, but it has always remained true to VC Andrews and her creativity. She will always remain my favorite author because she introduced me to the world of reading, where anyone can have anything and be anything.

   Thank you VC Andrews, always.