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A Note To Readers:
(included in My Sweet Audrina)

   We were deeply saddened by the recent death of VC Andrews. She has left not only a legacy of novels yet to be published, but the following words about her own life, which should be an inspiration to others:

   "I was brought up in a working class environment, with a father who loved to read as much as I did. When I was seven he took me to the public library and signed me up for my first library card. He went home with two books, I went home with nine.

   "Books open doors I hadn't even realized were there. They took me up and out of myself, back into the past, forward into the future; put me on the moon, placed me in palaces, in jungles, everywhere. When finally I did reach London and Paris- I'd been there before.

   "When books fail to give what I need, dreams supply the rest. A long time ago I dreamed I was rich and famous- and I saw flowers growing in the attic.

   "Dreams can come true, no matter what fate chooses to place as obstacles to hurdle, crawl under, or go around. Somehow I always reach the far side. To have a goal and achieve it despite everything is my only accomplishment. If I give a few million readers pleasure and escape along the way, I do the same for myself."

   VC Andrews was such an extraordinary gifted storyteller that she had completed working on a number of novels prior to her passing and all of these will be published in the near future by Pocket Books in paperback and by Poseidon Press in hardcover.

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