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   After her death, there continued to be published novels in her name. How did they do it? Her family and her publishers decided it would be in everybody's best interest to continue on with this success.

   So they chose a ghostwriter.

Dear VC Andrews Reader:

   Those of us who knew and loved Virginia Andrews know that the most important things in her life were her novels. Her proudest moment came when she held in her hand the first printed copy of Flowers in the Attic. Virginia was a unique and gifted storyteller who wrote feverishly each and every day. She was constantly developing ideas for new stories that would eventually become novels. Second only to the pride she took in her writing was the joy she took in reading the letters from readers who were so touched by her books.

   Since her death many of you have written to us wondering whether there would continue to be new VC Andrews novels. When Virginia became seriously ill while writing the Casteel series, she began to work even harder, hoping to finish as many stories as possible so that her fans could one day share them. Just before she died we promised ourselves that we would take all of these wonderful stories and make them available to her readers.

   Beginning with the final books in the Casteel series we have been working closely with a carefully selected writer to organize and complete Virginia's stories and to expand upon them by creating additional novels inspired by her wonderful storytelling genius.

   Dawn is the start of a new VC Andrews series. We believe it would have given her great joy to know that it will be entertaining so many of you. Other VC Andrews novels will be published in the coming years and we hope they continue to mean as much to you as ever.

Sincerely, The Andrews Family
(included in Dawn 1990)

   Since this publication, we've come to know that the ghostwriter is Andrew Neiderman who is a successful writer in his own name. And he has given us great VC Andrews stories as well. But we all know that she could never be replaced. Her talent and vision is something that can never be duplicated.