♥   old news


I loved being involved in the VC Andrews clubs/roleplays. I was an officer in one, and a member of several others. It was fun creating new plots and being in a VC Andrews book. I really miss it, so it's not really old news, like in a bad way, because it was truly fun and I met a lot of great people.

I had a few instant messengers: MSN, AIM, ICQ. I used MSN to stay in contact with the other officers in the VCAFriends roleplay, and I used AIM for random chats. I met a few crazies, and had fun being flirtatious. But it was a little creepy after a while, and I just gave it all up. Don't miss it, except for VCA friends...

Poetry Clubs:
These were fun. It was like school, and I love and miss school :) I enjoyed the monthly topics and the shared poetry. I liked seeing what others did on the same topic.

Site Reviews:
Why anyone ever thought some random person who made a site review website was worthy of critiquing someone else's site is beyond me! But I went for everything in the beginning, reviews, listings, cliques, everything! But I don't do it anymore, and to be reviewed by anyone other than a professional is silly to me now.

Some cliques are still cool, when they mean something, but a lot of them were too elitist, and still are. I don't miss those. And webrings, since the ringsurf/webring hullaballoo, it seems very difficult to become a ring member, or to own a ring at all! So I gave up on all of that.