♥   dreamcatcher by stephen king


Four boys into grown men, one friend they saved, and now an alien invasion, government covering it up, struggling to save the world. But not in a bad-ass, machine gun way. The subtle intelligent way.

I loved this book because of the center story. The friendship of boys that remained strong into adulthood, and a journey back in time to discover what needed to be done in the present to save them all.

They were kind kids, stepping up for another who would come to love them and bind them all in a strong way no one would know but them. He saw the line, and they saw it with them.

There is a movie version, which I want to see now that I've read the book. And one interesting thing.... Mr. Donnie Wahlberg (of NKOTB) plays the role of Duddits, the one they saved, the one who saved them. Pretty cool :)