♥   the colorado kid by stephen king


I just finished this book, I read it in one day. It's a fair bit shorter than King's usuals, but it was just as interesting and it definitely was a page turner!

The plot was a mystery, the answer was a mystery and the end was a mystery... But the old men telling the tale, and the young intern receiving it were what made sense. They were who you related to. I wanted to investigate just as they did, to figure it out, to solve it.

Every page felt like a race to find out what really happened to The Colorado Kid. I felt like the answer was just beyond my reach, on the tip of my tongue, and almost having the answer wasn't as infuriating as you would think. Just thinking on the mystery gave you chills, and that feeling, was in itself rewarding for some reason.

The ending may leave some disappointed... But it didn't do that for me. The mystery is what held me and excited me, maybe in solving it I would have been let down. I think that's it. That's perfectly it.