roland sought the tower, and he found his way home
the comics : the way station

The events take place after The Battle of Tull and is the second set of comics to be set during the events of the novel, The Gunslinger. Roland meets Jake, faces one of the speaking ring demons, and takes the Prophetic Jawbone. (from wikia)

Book #1
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Roland Deschain wakes up in Brown's hut once again, with a great sense of de ja vu. Roland says that he was here already, and it feels like he left the hut ages ago. Brown says Roland may have dreamt it, and once again tells Roland he is neither magician or demon.

Book #2
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Roland wakes in a barn and is greeted by eleven-year-old Jake Chambers. Roland is suprised the boy didn't kill him when he had the chance. Roland throws up, and Jake offers him water and then fetches Roland some jerky. Roland explains that the reason he had his guns pointed at Jake earlier were because he thought Jake was someone else. Jake asks if it was "the priest".

Book #3
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Roland has a nightmare of The Battle of Jericho Hill. Cuthbert is yelling to Roland that they are betrayed. He then gets shot in the eye, and turns into Jake Chambers, the boy whom Roland just met. Roland then understands that he, himself, is the betrayer.

Book #4
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They talk about the Tower and whether it is Roland's obsession or quest. Jake thinks it may be both. Roland hypnotizes Jake to sleep. The next day Roland gives the remaining water to Jake, who thinks he hears a stream, but still saves some for Roland, in case the stream is dirty. It isn't. They come to a spring with a waterfall, which Jake decides to swim in for a bit.

Book #5
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The next day Jake and Roland come across a foot print in the snow and continue southeast on the mountains until they encounter the man in black climbing. He tells them that they shall palaver on the otherside, just him and Roland. He heads through a tunnel. Jake says that Roland's going to kill him and he knows it, but Jake continues on with Roland nonetheless.

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