roland sought the tower, and he found his way home
the comics : the battle of tull

Roland comes to Tull and meets Allie, a bartender, who in exchange for sex, gives Roland information on the Man in Black and Nort, the local devil-grass eater raised from the dead. Meanwhile the Man in Black already has the local preacher, Sylvia Pittston, believing that Roland is the Interloper. (from wikia)

Book #1
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Roland rides on and finds the desolate town of Tull. He puts the mule up in Soobie Kennerly's stable. After asking a boy where to get a burger, he is directed to Sheb's. He enters the bar and walks up to the counter. He meets Allie, and orders three burgers and a beer. She leaves to make the food. Someone tries to pull a knife on Roland, but moves away when Roland tells him to step down.

Book #2
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Roland does not explain about Hambry or Susan, but demands Allie tell him about Nort. She tells him about how Nort began smelling devil grass then progressed to eat it. He showed up at Sheb's one day claiming "The coach is coming", then went outside, threw up, and died.

Book #3
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Allie comes downstairs sometime later to see Nort eating devil grass. He says he wants to stop, and the Man in Black could have made it so, but he can't help it. Kennerly enters the bar and tries to fondle Allie, but she refuses his come ons. Nort gives Allie the letter. The Man in Black's letter says that Nineteen will be the word that opens Nort's mind to what's beyond death, and one day, Allie will not be able to withstand not saying it.

Book #4
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Roland goes to get his mule to leave town. One of Kennerly's daughters tries to hit him with a plank of wood, but Roland blocks it. He gets his mule, packs his stuff from Allie's and begins to leave town. However, he runs into all the towns people, led by Sylvia, and they all want to kill him.

Book #5
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Roland goes into Sheb's and believes he sees Allie, but he is wrong. Roland leaves mid-morning, and all the bodies are now gone. He leaves Tull, the Man in Black's trap, where Roland slayed thirty-nine men, fourteen women, and five children (for a body count of fifty eight).

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