roland sought the tower, and he found his way home
the comics : the man in black

Roland and Jake follow the Man in Black into the tunnels of the Cyclopean Mountains. There they find the ruins of a civilization much like the one Jake left in his home world. But these mountain tunnels are full of mutants that answer to Rolandís enemy. (from synopsis)

Book #1
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Roland and Jake have set up camp in the mountains. Jake sleeps while Roland burns devil grass in the fire. The fire shows visions of Susan Delgado's death on the Charyou Tree, the death of Gabrielle Deschain, and the death of Allie and the other residents of Tull. Roland wonders if Jake will be next.

Book #2
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Roland rushes through the Cyclopean Mountains' tunnels determined to make sure Jake is alright. Roland finds Jake lying, returning from his experience in Todash Space on the Main Street 8013 Local. He gives Jake water, and discusses the danger ahead.

Book #3
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Roland and Jake must stave off the cave-dwelling mutants, but if given the choice to save himself, will Roland leave Jake behind? And what even more sinister evil awaits them further inside the cave?

Book #4
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Roland and Jake's final stand with the Man in Black! The Dark Tower nears and Roland prepares to meet his destiny... but is he ready for it? Will Roland do what it takes to find the Dark Tower? Even if it means sacrificing young Jake?

Book #5
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"Not an end, but the end of the beginning!' The Man in Black's identity is finally revealed to Roland!

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