roland sought the tower, and he found his way home
the comics : the journey begins

In pursuit of the Man in Black Roland first encounters an old man who gives Roland a compass. Later Roland stumbles onto a dwelling owned by a man named Brown. Brown informs Roland that the Man in Black did pass through, but Brown cannot say how long ago it was because time has become difficult to determine. Roland stays the night with Brown, but is unsure if Brown is real or an enchantment created by the Man in Black. Roland agrees to tell Brown part of his story starting with Jericho Hill. (from wikipedia)

Book #1
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As the chapter begins, we find The Man In Black in the desert burning some devil grass. Upon seeing the devil grass burn he exclaims "Gilead did not burn half so brightly as this, Roland, but it did burn for twice as long." He then tells Roland to come and find him.

Book #2
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On the way through the desert Roland finds more scattered dead bodies, one of which was a boy called John. A Billy-Bumbler is seen sitting near the boy, who was his master. Roland buries the dead and tries to leave John's Billy-Bumbler but it follows him.

Book #3
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The story then passes to a flashback of Roland's childhood. After a training session with Cort, Roland and Cuthbert go looking for something to eat because they lost the session and it was Cort's orders to have them go to sleep with no supper. However, Hax gives them some pie telling the boys "Not to get him in trouble". They the go to eat under the stairs.

Book #4
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After some time of travelling Roland and John's Bumbler reach Kingstown. Roland asks around the crowd about the where abouts of The Man In Black, to no avail. He then sees what he believes to be Susan Delgado, but she leaves. In the town square, the citizens begin to hang a Not-Man, but he escapes even though Roland tries to stop him.

Book #5
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The Widow Black is stilling screaming out the window, at the Not-Man who kidnapped Susan, when Roland Deschain and John's Billy Bumbler arrive at Susan's house. John's Bumbler picks up the scent and leads Roland to the Dogan located on the outskirts of Kingstown. In one of the rooms Roland finds Susan laying on a bed and another girl, named Jessica, sitting on the bed.

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