roland sought the tower, and he found his way home
the comics : battle of jericho hill

Gilead has fallen to John Farson and his forces. Roland Deschain and Gilead's few remaining survivors manage to escape the city through a secret exit. Not long after, a massive earthquake strikes and further damages the city. Alain informs the survivors it is no normal earthquake but rather a beamquake, meaning one of the six beams holding up the mythical Dark Tower has broken. Gilead was rumored to rest on the Eagle-Lion Beam and its destruction broke the beam. Roland decides as the leader of Gilead's survivors it is their mission to find the Dark Tower and use its power to set things right. (from wikipedia)

Book #1
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Seven years have passed since The Fall of Gilead and the remaining Gunslingers find themselves once more looking upon the ruins of Gilead. Marten Broadcloak is also there and they all watch as a Beam-Quake destroys some of the already ruined city.

Book #2
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Nine years pass as Roland Deschain and his friends head for the Dark Tower, recounting the years he remembers how he consulted the ghost of Stone Circle Druits, though by the end of their journey they once again find themselves facing the ruins of Gilead.

Book #3
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Roland Deschain and his allies including a man called Benedict talk about John Farson's recent exploits and discuss being unable to find Randolph's wife and child. They agree to look once more for them.

Book #4
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Roland and Cuthbert Allgood find another encampment close to theirs, and wonder why Randolph had not found it. In the ensuing battle, they kill Alain by accident, believing him to be one of Farson's men. His last words to them tell them of Randolph's betrayal.

Book #5
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Aileen Ritter takes a spear through her chest and Jamie De Curry dies trying to protect Roland Deschain, and everyone press forward. Cuthbert Allgood starts dying from a crossbow bolt through the eyes from Marten Broadcloak.

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