roland sought the tower, and he found his way home
the comics : the fall of gilead

In direct continuation of the previous story's finale, Roland Deschain, is overcome with grief over accidentally killing his mother, Gabrielle. Abel Vannay the Wise and Cortland "Cort" Andrus search the quarters of Kingson, John Farson's nephew, whom Cort recently killed at the feast's riddle competition when he realized he was in league of Farson. (from wikipedia)

Book #1
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Steven Deschain and others receive a note intended for Kingson, the city is sealed to all and Cort and Abel Vannay go to search Kingsons' room. Steven find The Grapefruit taken from his safe and realizes it was his wife that took it, entering her room he finds Roland looking over her dead body and asks who killed her.

Book #2
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Roland Deschain admits to killing his mother to his father and so he is taken into custody, his father discovers the dagger Gabrielle held which was supposed to kill him. A guard breaks in informing them they saw Marten Broadcloak leaving with The Grapefruit. Steven decides they must pursue him.

Book #3
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Sheemie, still in hiding, is attacked by slow mutants but Cuthbert Allgood and Alain Johns are there to save him. Steven Deschain appears and tells Cuthbert his father is dead. Abel Vannay is preparing the now deceased body of Cort when a Guard appears and shoots him dead.

Book #4
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Steven Deschain and the other full Gunslingers convene to decide their next move, Justus who says John Farson's camp is undermanned and so they should strike. They agree and receive news of rumours around the city that who ever killed Gabrielle Deschain should be killed.

Book #5
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Steven retrieves the plans of Gilead looking over the ancient traps Arthur Eld created. A guard appears and they fight, both of them dying. Alain find his father dead and Roland finds his fathers corpse. It is left to the Gunslinger Apprentices to defend the city. Roland receives the Sandalwood Guns and the Horn of Eld.

Book #6
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John Farson's army arrives at the gates of Gilead and battle begins. Soon the city walls and gate is breached, Roland Deschain and his party have to flee the city. Whilst this happens the women and children hiding in the inner keep are burned alive by Gilead's Guards, they are killed by the Gunslinger Apprentices but not before every woman and child is killed. The last Gunslingers flee the city through the keep, surrounded by the burnt dead.

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