roland sought the tower, and he found his way home
the comics : the little sisters of eluria

A battle with mutants leaves Roland injured and in the care of a small, strange clinic. However, the nurses are more of a danger than the mutants ever were. (from wikipedia)

Book #1
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Roland Deschain is travelling through the Desatoya Mountains on his horse, Topsy and the weather is hot and dry. Roland spots a desolate town and rides up to it. He then walks into the town and sees that all the buildings are empty, the saloon is closed and there's blood on the door.

Book #2
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Roland wakes up in the midst of one of the Little Sisters (Jenna). She tells him he'll be fine, although his eye is swollen and he is severely cut. She touches James' Pendant and cries out in pain.

Book #3
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John notices over the next few days in the infirmary that the Sisters heal everyone in his group using the bugs Roland saw earlier, but one by one the people would disappear. One night they came for John, but his pendant drives the Sisters away.

Book #4
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Roland takes a Nibble Hed, his stomach begins to cramp and his heart starts to race. He believes he is poisoned and curses Sister Jenna for tricking him. The Little Sisters (besides Jenna) come and drink Abraham's blood, killing him. Roland was pretending to be asleep, despite the pain, but when the Sisters come over, he awakens. They still cannot touch him due to James' Pendant.

Book #5
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They reach a field. Jenna takes her headdress off and Roland and Jenna begin kissing. Roland falls asleep before they can make love, but Jenna says she loves Roland. Roland dreams of reaching the Tower with the cross dog and then hears ringing. He thinks it's the Tower but when he wakes up, he realizes it is Jenna. When he awakes he sees that Jenna's body is gone. All that remains is her clothing and headdress. He then realizes Jenna's damnation- she was made of cam tam. Roland walks away, alone, continuing his way to the Tower.

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