roland sought the tower, and he found his way home
the comics : house of cards

Eddie Dean, the troubled young man gifted with the ability to open doors to other worlds, has smuggled narcotics from Nassau to New York City, but now has to escape a packed airplane guarded by armed Custom Agents! (from synopsis)

Book #1
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How will Eddie avoid prison and yet also fulfill his contract with the dangerous mobster Balazar? The answer lies in Mid-World, and with a dying gunslinger named Roland!

Book #2
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Eddie Dean’s botched the drug run that was supposed to clear his brother Henry’s debt, landing them in deeper danger than they’ve ever been. And how does Eddie’s destiny fit into Roland’s quest to save the Dark Tower?

Book #3
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Eddie enters the lion’s den—Balazar’s “Leaning Tower”! Balazar has Henry Dean in his clutches and demands to know what happened to the drugs Eddie Dean was supposed to deliver. Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide—Eddie’s got to explain his failure…but can he do so without revealing his worlds-spanning secret?

Book #4
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It’s Eddie and Roland versus the world as the gangland war with Balazar’s men reaches its bloody climax! Eddie Dean’s hit a point of no return - and when his rage comes to a boil, no one is safe! What doors will be opened when there’s nothing left to lose?

Book #5
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It’s Eddie Dean versus the LOBSTROSITIES! Will he make it out alive? The Gunslinger comes face to face with the ghosts of his past!

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