I made all of these wallpapers, featuring the cover art in many of VC Andrews' books, using Paint Shop Pro. Each of these pieces are my original creation and are not to be claimed by anyone else. Do not use them in any site layouts and do not give them away in a collection of graphics.

   They are only here for your own personal use on your computer desktop.

   There is a wallpaper for each book in the series' below. Each one comes in two resolutions (sizes): 800x600 and 1024x768. Just choose your resolution (the size of your desktop) and save the image.

01. The Dollanganger Series

02. The Adare Novel

03. The Casteel Series

04. The Cutler Series

05. The Landry Series

06. The Logan Series

07. The Orphans Miniseries

08. The Wildflowers Miniseries

09. The Hudson Series