roland sought the tower, and he found his way home
the film

   In 2017, on July 31st, at 7:19pm (19:19), The Dark Tower film premiered. The film stars Idris Elba as Roland, Matthew McConaughey as Walter, and Tom Taylor as Jake.

   The film centers on Roland's quest to find Walter and stop his destruction of the Tower. The movie also emphasizes the father/son relationship that develops between Roland and Jake.

   Although the film does not follow Stephen King's tale exactly, it draws themes and works as a continuation of Roland's neverending quest.

   The film captures the spirit of King's series, and the general awesomeness that is Roland Deschain and his gunslinger skills. He is the ultimate idea of a hero; tough, quick, skilled, and true to his quest.


Idris Elba ... Roland
Matthew McConaughey ... Walter
Tom Taylor ... Jake
Dennis Haysbert ... Steven
Ben Gavin ... Soldier
Claudia Kim ... Arra
Jackie Earle Haley ... Sayre
Fran Kranz ... Pimli
Abbey Lee ... Tirana
Katheryn Winnick ... Laurie
Nicholas Pauling ... Lon
Michael Barbieri ... Timmy
JosÚ Z˙˝iga ... Dr. Hotchkiss